Auf Wiedersehen mein freund.

November 28, 2012 Leave a comment

So that’s it. On the 13th November the car left us on it’s journey to a new life down under in New Zealand. We finally finished the car, minus engine and ‘box of course, for the new owner and i’m pretty glad we did. It looks sweet!!

There’s been some major ups and there’s been some major downs but overall we had a blast! Volksworld 2009 Top 20, SPRC Best Appearing car 2009, Best Pre 67 Type 1 at EBI, ’09 Comp Eliminator Championship Winners, ’09 Comp Eliminator Euro Finals winners, numerous runners up! Multiple Scandinavian and Euro trips. 2 magazine front covers and a Japanese feature. Best E.T 11.23 at 119 mph. We’ve met some fantastic people who we will remain friends with forever. Thank you to everyone who has helped, supported and sponsored us with the car 🙂 Thanks to Joe Gallagher from the Outlaw’s for towing it to the port for us! So onwards and upwards and we’ll see what tomorrow brings 🙂



Racecar for Sale // Updated advert

September 10, 2012 Leave a comment

As you may have seen we have placed the racecar up for sale, check out the for sale page for an updated advert on the car.

Vintage Path Racer Project // Almost Complete!

I’ve made good progress on the bike since it came back from paint, the lugs have been detailed in gold, headbadge fitted with new rivets and an original 1930’s gallows seatpost sourced. The bar’s and another stem have arrived in the store so I just need to pick them up and then my wheels need to be built!

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Vintage Path Racer Project // Paint!

I picked up the parts from the powder coaters this morning! Pretty happy with the result! I’ve bought some NOS gold Raleigh stickers from eBay, the original brass headbadge has polished up a treat so it should look cool! I think i’m going to add a gold detail around the lugs on the frame and forks and if I can find a pinstriper/sign painter local I may get a gold line painted on the rim also. I’ve also dropped off the rims and the hubs to my local bike shop to have them built up, can’t wait for them to be done!!

The colour looks really nice on the rims too.

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Vintage Path Racer Project // Off For Paint

On Friday I bare metalled the frame, layer upon layer of paint was removed and it doesn’t look too bad underneath. It has now been sent off to be gently media blasted, zinc coated and powdercoated along with the forks and the rims. Looking forward to seeing how my colour choice comes out!

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Vintage Path Racer Project // Parts Arriving II

August 16, 2012 1 comment

The new rear hub has arrived! The Sturmey Archer S2C hub is a coaster hub with 2 speed kick back gears and looks sweet! It comes supplied with a 22T rear cog although plenty of different sizes are available so it will be interested to see how it feels with the 46T up front. The low gear is direct so it would feel how a 22T – 46T would and then the high gear is +38% so quite a good change.

One of the main benefits for me was the O.L.D (Over locknut Distance), my frame measured just shy of 115mm and this hub is 116mm so a perfect fit! It looks a treat!

The forks have now been bare metalled to see if there was anything lurking under the old paint and all seems ok. I could send everything away to be media blasted but i’m unsure if i’m powdercoated the frame and forks or just painting them myself yet!

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Vintage Path Racer Project // Parts Arriving

Parts have now started to arrive so yesterday I stripped the frame down. It all came apart relatively easy thankfully although whoever had ‘restored’ the bike did a pretty poor job! As I planned to use a modern Sturmey Archer hub they are all 36H and most of the original rims are 40H on the rear so I’ve decided to use a set of modern alloy rims but made to the same size. These arrived yesterday and there really nice! I also bought a original Sturmey Archer front skinny hub in 36H from eBay and this too arrived yesterday!



I’ve also had a bit of change of thought with the rear hub, I’ve ordered a new Sturmey Archer S2C hub which is a 2 speed kick back shift hub with a coaster brake built in, so no cables! The main benefit was so I don’t have a cold set the frame to 135mm (from 114mm) to accept the X-RD hub I was looking at and also it means I can keep the handlebars clean with no levers! This should be arriving in a few days!

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